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Benefits of Spaghetti Diagrams Poster

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Benefits of Spaghetti Diagrams
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Fishbone . Spaghetti Diagrams
Message on posters : Benefits of Spaghetti Diagrams
• Lets you view the physical flow of the object or resource in a process.
• Identifies transportation and motion waste that should be eliminated.
• Assists you in establishing the optimum layout for a department.
• Identifies inefficient layouts of departments, offices and factories.
• Highlights large distances traveled by the targeted object or resource between key steps.
• Saves time and reduces delays by identifying unnecessary movement of target objects or resource.
• Helps you identify waste that you didn't realize even existed.
• Assists you in identifying problems with the layout that are resulting in inefficient flow, excess travel and wasted time.
• Assists is discovering the changes that need to be made to make work easier as well as to achieve more in less time.
• Gives you an idea of the distance the object or the resource travels as well as the locations that it has to travel to.
Description : Attractive multi-color 30 X 40 inches posters in English printed on Vinyl paper. The posters have been conceptualised by Avinash Narula and his team.

The poster can also be made available in sizes of your choice at additional charge. Can also be made available in different Indian and foreign languages at additional charge.Also, download facility for international customers is also available so as to save on freight charges.

We can also print your company logo on the posters for an additional nominal charge. For details of various options please click on "Order ? /Options" on the menu bar.

You can also use posters to design the interiors of your workplace in a cost effective manner. Its simple and easy way to decorate your office. These posters will serve as an educational and reminder tool to all the employees in your office. In case you need assistance to do so, contact us for more details.

The Fishbone diagram is an effective but simple problem-analysis tool. Also known as the Cause-and-Effect Diagram or the root cause analysis identifies the possible causes for an effect or problem. It is also known as the Ishikawa diagram, named after Kaoru Ishikawa, the Japanese quality pioneer who introduced the concept. It can be used to effectively organize a brainstorming session as it assists in sorting ideas into categories as well as the analysis of the causes of a problem. Some the generic major categories of causes of the problem which can be used in Fishbone Diagram are Methods, Machines (equipment), People (manpower), Materials, Measurement and Environment.

The Spaghetti diagram is a flow charting method that uses a continuous line to trace the path of a part through all the phases of a manufacturing process. Spaghetti diagrams identify inefficient layouts as well as unnecessary distance traveled by an item or person between steps. Spaghetti diagrams are a very effective way to observe the flow of the material in a process. It indicates the excess transportation and motion that should be eliminated in order to achieve lean operation.

With the help of the spaghetti diagram, you can establish the optimum layout for a department.

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24"X36" 350 Grams Vinyl 710 Add to Cart
30"X40" 450 Grams Vinyl 1200 Add to Cart

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