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Creative Poster designer Avinash Narula

Creative Poster Designer Avinash Narula

  Management Guru Management Guru Customer Mathematician Customer Mathematician
  Motivational Speaker Motivational Speaker Management Trainer Management Trainer
  Management Author Author Management Author Entreprenuer
  Management Author Creative Poster Designer

Apart from being a creative poster designer, Avinash Narula is also a management practitioner and thinker. One of his key strength is that he turns self-experience in lessons for others through his posters, books, seminars, training, posters and other management enablers.

Management Books

Avinash Narula has written five books as follows:

Customer Math

Provides mathematical proof that customer satisfaction and retention is profitable.

Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange

Reveals the existence of the invisible Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange where businesses trade their unhappy customers with each other.

Implementing Advertising Strategy

Deals with the nitty gritty of designing brochures, advertisements, posters and websites as well as the printing process.

80/20 Rule of Communicating Your Ideas effectively

Discusses the 80/20 rule of developing effective written and oral communications.

Customer Icebergs

Reveal the existence of Customer Icebergs and lays bare the extensive damage that dissatisfied customers cause to businesses.

Avinash is working on another book titled "Taking the buzz out of CRM."

Management Articles

Avinash Narula is a prolific writer. He has written a number of articles on a variety of management subjects. His articles can be read at the following websites:

Management Forum & Blog

In order to share and promote interaction among the students, teachers and business executives, Avih Narula writes a blog and also established a management forum. In the blog, Avinash writes on a variety of management topics as well as comments on the business decisions of companies.

Management Forum:

Management Blog:

Educational Qualifications

Avinash Narula holds a B. Com degree from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Illinois, U.S. and a B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant, University of Houston, U.S. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Professional Experience

Mr. Narula has over 25 years of diversified professional experience, both as an entrepreneur, consultant and as a business executive. He has worked in reputed companies in India and the U.S. and has handled a variety of assignments in the area of sales, marketing, finance, cost accounting, budgeting, and strategic planning. He was part of the start-up entrepreneurial team of an electronic end-of-life company in the U.S. He has also provided consulting services to various companies both in India and abroad. Avinash is today heading his entrepreneurial advertising, web designing, Consulting and management training company.

Management Trainer

Avinash Narula is an exceptional management trainer. As a management, Avinash Narula perfectly blends theory and practice to make management concepts easy to understand. His highly interactive and engaging style of conducting training and seminars on a variety of management subjects makes his seminars incomparable. No wonder, he is recognized as a management trainer par excellence. A number of reputed companies like Escorts, Bharat Electronics, Godfrey Philips, Indian Oil Corporation, Spectranet, Maruti Suzuki, Prime Honda and others have benefited from his highly interactive and innovative management training programs and seminars. He has also conducted seminars abroad.

Motivational Speaker & Inspirational Speaker

As a Motivational speaker, inspirational speaker and keynote speaker, Avinash Narula perfectly blends theory, practice and his experience to charge the audience to take a step forward and try to realize their full potential. His talk is highly interactive and engaging making it an enjoyable experience. No wonder, he is recognized as an exceptional International motivational and Inspirational speaker. A number of reputed companies like Escorts, GE, Bharat Electronics, Godfrey Philips, Indian Oil Corporation, Spectranet, Maruti Suzuki, Prime Honda and a number of management institutes have benefited from his highly interactive and innovative motivation and inspiration seminars.

Management Professor

As a management teacher, Avinash has taught at the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, USA. After returning to India, he has taught a variety of courses on customer satisfaction, marketing, strategy, management, accounting, and finance at various business schools in Delhi.

Awards & Scholarships

  Bullet First Prize for the best paper on mergers and acquisitions from Association of Corporate Growth, Chicago, U.S.
  Bullet1 Dean’s List
  Bullet2 Junior Hilton Scholarship

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