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How to order Management Posters, Quality Posters and Motivational Posters?

A broad range of Management Posters, quality posters, motivational posters and inspirational posters are offered for sale by Management Talk. You can purchase posters from us by placing your order as given below. Orders will be executed only after the receipt of your firm order and payment.

Delivery time

7 days within India and 7-10 days outside India.

The Ordering Process – Management Posters

To order for management posters of your choice, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Select CHOOSE YOUR CURRENCY (Indian Rupees or US DOLLAR)

The default pricing you will see on the Shopping Cart is in Indian Rupees for customers in India. All International customers (Customers outside India) have to CHOOSE CURRENCY to view pricing in US$. You can CHOOSE CURRENCY at any time of your visit by clicking on "US DOLLAR" in the CHOOSE CURRENCY OPTION on the top left corner of the web page. This is necessary as the Prices and Shipping Charges used by the Shopping Cart system to generate the Invoice you will depend on the currency you choose.

Step 2:  Select BUY BUTTON

While reviewing the various management posters on our website, when you come across a poster you would like to buy, CLICK on the BUY BUTTON for the management poster you like and want to buy, you will be taken to the detail page for that particular poster.

Step 3:  Select ADD-TO-CART BUTTON

At the bottom of the detail page of a particular poster, available options in terms of size and print medium as well as prices are given. You can click on the ADD-TO-CART BUTTON of the option that fits your need. On clicking the ADD-TO-CART BUTTON, the posters will be added to your Shopping Cart.


If you would like to select additional posters to buy, you can click on CONTINUE SHOPPING BUTTON to add more posters to your Shopping Cart.


Default language of management posters is English. We have different posters available in different languages also. On the detail page of the posters, the languages in which that particular poster is available is clearly stated on the top of the page. In case, the management poster is available in the language of your choice, click on it and proceed to add to you cart.

In case, the management poster is not available in the language of your choice, click on the red LANGUAGE CONVERSION ON DEMAND option and you can order the management posters in any language in the world for a nominal fee of Rs. 200 or US$5 for each poster that needs to be translated.

Step 6:  Select UPDATE BUTTON after changing "quantity"

Once you have added a management poster to your shopping cart, you can change the quantity that you require by simply changing the quantity in the "quantity" box and then clicking on the UPDATE BUTTON. This enables the Shopping Cart to recalculate the invoice amount.

Step 7:  Select NEXT BUTTON

Once you are done shopping, click on the NEXT BUTTON. Shopping Cart will now calculate the shipping charges and show you the total of your invoice.


Even after you have added a management poster to your Shopping Cart and would like to purchase the same management poster in a different language, click on ALSO, NEED THIS POSTER IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGE option given in the Shopping Cart against each poster you have selected to buy. You can use this option to add the same poster in another language. In case you do not want the earlier selected poster. You can delete it by clicking on the relevant red "X" BUTTON.

Step 9:  Select "Logo"

If you would like your COMPANY LOGO to be inserted in all the posters you have purchased, we can do so at a nominal fee of Rs. 250 (USD 6) for each different poster. Select the LOGO box given under the Shipping Charges. The Shopping Cart will automatically calculate the charges and add to the invoice.

Step 10:  Login & Registration

After you have completed your order and clicked on the NEXT BUTTON, you will arrive at the Login & Registration Page. Please complete the process.

Step 11: Billing & Delivery Information + Logo Upload

After you have completed the Login & Registration process, on the next page you will complete the "Billing & Delivery" information. The system automatically picks up the information from the Registration page and completes the Billing Information. If the "Delivery" information is the same, click on the SAME AS BILLING INFORMATION link.

If you have selected the LOGO option, on the right side of the page, use the UPLOAD LOGO option to upload yout high resolution logo in jpeg, EPS or CDR format.

Step 12:   Quotation / Invoice & Payment

After you have completed Step 11, you will view your invoice on your screen. Check if all the information is correct in the invoice. If the invoice is as per your order, you can do the following:

  Management posters PRINT the Invoice / DOWNLOAD pdf Invoice / PRINT Quotation
  Quality posters MAKE PAYMENT – Now you will have to select mode of payment.
    Management posters International customers can select ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION to pay by CREDIT CARD and will be connected to PAYPAL PAYMENT GATEWAY Page. Now you can proceed to make the payment by following the instructions of Paypal.
    Quality posters Indian customers can select other payment methods. All the Payment Options are listed at the bottom of the above invoice and are also given below.

Shopping Cart Options

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Next Button
Arrow1 Proceed to the next step
Cancel Cart
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continue shopping
Arrow3 Continue to add more poster(s)
   close button
Arrow5 Cancel single selected poster
Also, need this poster in another language
Arrow6 Select the Language (other than default) in which the poster is required

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