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Management Mantra & Quotes Danglers

Based on the suggestions of our customers, we have introduced Management Mantra & Quotes Danglers which you can easily hang from the ceiling of your office. Management quotes (i.e. our management poster designs) will be placed on both sides of the management dangler. You will have the option of placing the same management quotes / mantras on both sides of the dangler or they can be different depending on your choice.

How to purchase management danglers?

  • 1: First, you have to decide if you want to purchase danglers with the same management mantra on each side of the management dangler or different management quotes on the two sides of the dangler.
  • 2: Second, you have to decide how many danglers you want to buy. Let us assume you want to purchase 20 danglers.
  • 3: Third, use the shopping cart below to place your order.
  • 4 (a):¬† Fourth, select 20 management posters (One for each dangler) which you want to use on the danglers if you want the same management quote on both the sides of the dangler. Once you have selected the desired posters, send the posters numbers to us.
  • 4 (b): In case, you want to use different management quotes on each side of the dangler, then select 40 posters (double the number of danglers that you want to purchase). Once you have selected the posters, send us the posters numbers to us. If you want to have different posters on each side of the dangler then send us the selected poster numbers in pairs to us to indicate to us which posters you want us to use together.
  • 5: Last, send us the payment. For payment options, click on "payment options" link above the masthead.


The dimensions and other specifications of the management danglers is given below:

Height (inches): 11
Width (inches):  8
Thickness / Spine(inches): 1/2
Material used: Paper - 300 gsm
Hanging arrangement: 2 ft Thread already fixed in the dangler.


  • 1)¬†Management dangler (same management mantra on both sides) : Rs. 185/each + freight (Tax included)
  • 2) Management dangler (different management mantra on each side): Rs. 250/each + freight (Tax included)

Delivery format

You will receive the management danglers in a flat format wherein you will have to glue two sides if the spine and the dangler will be ready to hang.

Delivery period

7-10 days after receipt of payment and order

Management Danglers Samples

Some Management Danglers design sample are given below:

Management Dangler designs Management Dangler Samples
Innovative Dangler Samples Management mantra Dangler Design Samples Innovative Dangler Samples

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